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Sunday March 18 2018 
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Tryouts: Advanced and Travel

For 2017-18 Soccer year

Chesapeake Soccer Club Field 6

Centerville Park

1857 Centerville Turnpike S, Chesapeake VA  23322

UPDATE:  May 19, 2017:

Tryout Results:  Thank you to all players who attended tryouts this May.  We had a great turnout!

Whether your child will be on a travel, advanced, or recreational team this coming fall, we encourage them to always seek their own skill development.  Summer camps, technical training, and even just backyard play on a regular basis will help your child improve their game.  For additional suggestions for your child's development, contact our Advanced Commissioner or Travel Coordinator.

In lieu of posting roster additions and updates as they occur on the website, our coaches are helping speed the process by contacting players invited to their own teams.  Emails have begun to be sent, in order of the tryout nights that occurred.  Please respond by email to accept, then register your player.  If you do not receive an email by Wednesday, May 24, 2017, please contact Advanced Committee to ensure we have correct email address. New teams will take a few days longer to finalize.  NOTE:  if your player gets more than one invitation, due to eligibility, please accept the team of your choice.  Thanks for your patience!

Travel teams' first deposit due upon acceptance to an invitation.  Please consult website in June to register for advanced and Recreational divisions for Fall 2016.    

For all Club fee structures, uniform details, and Club registration policies, please see Registration, under the Parents and Players tab.

LAST NIGHT OF Advanced tryouts: Boys & Girls (6:00-7:30pm on CSC Field 6)
May 19th: 2009, 2010  
Missed the tryouts?  Please contact Advanced Committee to set up an individual tryout.

Want to coach Advanced or Travel?

             Travel teams: Contact CSC Travel Coordinator to inquire. 

             Advanced teams:  Contact Advanced Commissioner to inquire.



All players born 2010 and older are encouraged to tryout. Coaches are encouraged to contact those who they think would most benefit from playing on an advanced or travel team.  Each Advanced/TASL  and Travel/VSL Team is required to conduct tryouts; players can only make an Advanced/TASL or Travel/VSL Team by having a tryout conducted and being accepted to that team if a spot is available on the roster.

CSC Advanced Division

CSC’s  Advanced teams play in Tidewater Advanced Soccer League (TASL). TASL is a composed of clubs within the Hampton Roads area.  Games are played throughout the Hampton Roads area from Smithfield to Elizabeth City. TASL is NOT a “TRAVEL” LEAGUE; there is NO requirement to have an overnight out-of-town stay for a game. Regular-Season games are typically played every SATURDAY; some make up games may be made up on Sundays. TASL is designed to bridge the gap between pure recreational players and select or travel players; TASL’s main focus is the development of each soccer player and the team. For details on TASL, visit

CSC Platinum:  Travel/VSL Division

CSC's travel teams (Platinum) play in Virginia Soccer League (VSL).  VSL is a competitive league comprised of teams from the Richmond, Hampton Roads, and sometimes Northeastern North Carolina.  VSL games are played throughout the region, from Richmond to Northeastern NC.  Games are played mostly on Sundays, no earlier than noon, but include some Saturday games.  Teams also participate in various tournaments throughout the year, which may warrant an over-night stay.  For details on VSL, visit


CSC offers both co-ed and gender specific teams. If you are interested in having your daughter play for an all Girls’ Travel or Advanced Team, please contact CSC’s Travel or Advanced Reps via e-mail.
























































































































 STOP!  Outdated material below.  Office Use Only.


Tryout Schedule:  UPDATE:  Rainout dates of May 16th and 17th thankfully not needed, thus CANCELLED.  Tryouts now by appointment only. 


All players (returning and prospective) are required to attend the tryout session according to their birth year (no exceptions, this does include current players who have "played up").  Those players wishing to be considered to "play up" may also attend the play-up's tryout session.  Players will be charged only once.  Players trying out for travel teams are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to all attend Advanced tryouts to maximize the chance of placement on a team.

Travel tryouts:   (6:00-7:30 PM on CSC Field 6):

May 2nd: 2000, 2001, 2002 
May 3rd: 2003, 2004 RAINED OUT:  Now Mon. May 9th
May 4th: 2005, 2006 RAINED OUT:  Now Tues May 10th
May 5th: Make-ups/Second Calls/Other Birth years not mentioned 
May 6th: Make-ups/Individual/Rain Make up
Advanced tryouts: (6:00-7:30pm on CSC Field 6)
May 9th: 1999, 2000 
May 10th: 2001, 2002 
May 11th: 2003, 2004   
May 12th: 2005, 2006  
May 13th: 2007, 2008, 2009  
May 16th:  Make-ups/Second Calls  CANCELLED.  NO further Rain make-ups needed.
May 17th:  Second Calls/Makeups as needed  CANCELLED.  NO further Rain make-ups needed.


UPDATE, June 8th:  Tryout results are posted below.  Registration for the Fall is now open.  Do not register for a team until verification of acceptance on a team is posted. 

Tryout Registration:  Register online at links below.  (For new AND returning players.  Whole teams welcome).  Tryout fee paid at check-in:  $5 for Advanced, $10 for Travel.  Checks (payable to Chesapeake Soccer Club, or CSC) or exact cash accepted.  Non-refundable.

**Check-in:  Walk-in registrations and check-in session/fee payment start 45 min prior to the start of Tryouts.  PLAYERS MUST COME PREPARED = Bring water bottle, cleats, shinguards, and a soccer ball.  Please contact Advanced Commissioner/TASL Rep if your child is unable to attend due to scheduling conflict


         Travel teams' tryouts Register here:

         Advanced team's tryouts Register here:




Travel/VSL Teams' rosters:
Advanced/TASL Teams' rosters:

Chesapeake Soccer Club, P.O. Box 16438, Chesapeake, VA 23328

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